We create awesome mobile games!

Word Wizard

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We create awesome mobile apps!


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We create awesome mobile games!

Match the Pics Blitz!

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We make awesome mobile apps!


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We make awesome mobile games!

Naughty or Nice

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Mobile is a huge part of today’s digital economy but it is also a pretty big and ever-changing topic.
We provide consultancy and advisory services around mobile.

In-house developers

Versatile process with full service capabilities

Native and multiplatform development

Regular R&D; hack days

Cutting edge knowledge via our labs projects

Mobile game and education app specialists

Native Apps

We build native mobile apps on all major platforms and have Considerable expertise in multiplatform solutions by a variety of approaches. Using the latest native mobile platform capabilities we strive to build rich native apps that deliver real benefit to our clients.


We are experts in the development of multiplatform social mobile games. We work from concept design stage through to design and build of virtually any style of game. We love creating exciting, fun games that not only entertain but keep players coming back for more.


Our apps have helped thousands of children and adults expand their knowledge by treating learning as fun as well as educational. Working with publishers, childrens’ brands and educational institutions we bring rich, interactive learning experiences to mobile.